Local 49 members working for the city of Minneapolis vote down last contract offer and file to strike

Last night, members of the International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) Local 49 that are employed by the city of Minneapolis voted down the city’s final contract offer. Local 49 will be filing an intent to strike notice with the Minnesota Bureau of Mediation Services with a possibility of going on strike as early as December 28, 2021, if there is no path for compromise in bargaining.


IUOE Local 49 represents more than 110 equipment operators and mechanics for the city of Minneapolis. Our members operate water treatment plants, build and maintain sewer and water mains, streets, bridges, traffic lights, repair city equipment, and plow the roads. Our members, in conjunction with other frontline workers, deliver the services necessary for Minneapolis to function.


IUOE Local 49 Business Manager Jason George released the following statement:


“Our members remained on the job during a global pandemic and civil unrest. This negotiation has been and continues to be about respect for those sacrifices. We are evaluating our options to ensure our members get the respect they have earned.”