Membership Benefits

Local 49 is proud to announce several new membership benefits that are available to all active, working, dues paying Local 49 members, which includes a new death benefit, life insurance options, and more.

Every member should have received an informational booklet from the Midwest Coalition of Labor describing your new benefits. I encourage you to read through the booklet and take advantage of all these discounted services and benefits you have access to by being an active, Local 49 dues paying member.

Your death benefit is now increased to $5,000 and there’s an additional $2,500 accidental death benefit. As an active, dues paying member, you become eligible on day 1 of Local 49 membership, there is no additional cost and no need to enroll. Our previous death benefit paid a maximum of $2,500 only when you achieved 25 years of continuous membership, making this change a great improvement for our members.

Another enhancement is the ability to purchase up to $300,000 of additional life insurance without a physical exam. Open enrollment ends November 30, 2022 for members interested in purchasing additional life insurance at a discounted group rate. For additional information, call 1-888-212-7822 or click here to enroll.

Other new benefits include: free roadside assistance, discounted legal services, tax preparation services, retail discounts and other cost saving programs. More information can be found online at

We are always looking for ways to improve your membership experience and we will continue to add benefits whenever we can. Thank you for your service to Local 49, we are more than 14,000 strong, and together we will continue to prosper.

MCL Benefits for Active Members

MCL Benefits for Retired Members