Local 49 Business Manager Jason George Provides Update on Status of Twin Cities Public Sector Negotiations

I want to update the membership on the ongoing contract negotiations with St. Paul, Minneapolis, the MET Council, and the Metropolitan Airports Commission.


Last week, the Local 49 members who work for the city of St. Paul accepted the city’s best and final offer. While those members accepted the offer, it was not everything that they deserved for keeping the city operating throughout a pandemic, but we were able to fight and secure an increase.


In Minneapolis, Local 49 members rejected the city’s latest offer on Wednesday; however, this doesn’t mean negotiations have ended. We will go back to the table until our members reach an agreement that recognizes their value and determination for keeping the city of Minneapolis safe. Members that work for MET Council will be voting on the most recent proposal next week, and the Metropolitan Airports Commission will soon be announcing their latest proposal for members to vote on, and we hope that will go well.


I want to be clear regarding all of these negotiations. Our members were and continue to be the frontline workers that kept our cities open and safe during the pandemic. They make sure our streets are plowed, that our airports continue to function, and that the water runs in each and every home in the Twin Cities. With the cost of living and everyday expenses increasing, all our members are demanding is that their pay keeps up with those increases to ensure they can provide for their families. They deserve our respect, and we expect those employers to show them that.