Congressman Stauber supports stronger prevailing wage regulations

Congressman Pete Stauber

Local 49 thanks Minnesota Congressman Pete Stauber for backing much-needed updates to the Davis-Bacon Act regulations that will directly benefit operating engineers.

Approved in 1931, the Davis-Bacon Act requires contractors on federally funded projects to pay the “prevailing wage,” but the law has been weakened over time. Updated regulations proposed by the U.S. Department of Labor would protect workers by modernizing regulations related to surveys, wages and fringe benefits, enforcement and more.

Local 49 asked Stauber to support the changes, and the Republican congressman saw their value for workers across the country, including his constituents. In a May 9 letter, Stauber urged the Department of Labor to finalize the updates.

“In Minnesota, I represent tens of thousands of skilled construction workers,” Stauber wrote. “Davis-Bacon ensures they receive the fair wage they deserve, especially after years of these highly skilled workers honing their expertise.”

Local 49 Business Manager Jason George praised Stauber’s ongoing support for Davis-Bacon.

“Congressman Stauber has never wavered in his support for Davis-Bacon, and we appreciate him stepping up to support this critical issue again,” George said. “Davis-Bacon laws are essential to ensure that construction workers earn the kind of pay and benefits they deserve while building America. It is vital to have the support of Republican friends in the fight to preserve and expand Davis-Bacon worker protections, and there is no Republican in the nation that has done more to support this essential workers’ rights law than our Congressman Pete Stauber.”

Read Stauber’s letter to the Department of Labor here.