2023 Scholarship Recipients Announced

Local 49 received 36 completed scholarship applications this year from a diverse and competitive group of individuals. Recipients of a scholarship award from Local 49 were announced at the General Membership Meeting on May 17, 2023. Ten grants of $2,500 each were awarded this year, and Local 49 is pleased to announce the following recipients:

1. Jason Boorman – son of Brother Bradley Boorman
2. Briana Brenteson – daughter of Brother Chad Brenteson
3. Isaiah Halvorson – son of Brother Matthew Halvorson
4. Jasmine Harwood – daughter of Brother Philip Harwood
5. Rayna Klejeski –daughter of Brother Adam Klejeski
6. Melissa Leon – daughter of Brother Jose Leon Valencia
7. Shelby Litzau– daughter of Brother Duane Litzau
8. Carter Lubich – son of Brother Craig Lubich
9. Macy McNally – daughter of Brother Charlie McNally
10. Layne Wickstrom – son of Brother Jerrie Wickstrom

The two alternates chosen this year by the committee were:
Alternate #1: Isaac Hviding – son of Brother Steven Hviding; and
Alternate #2: Madalyn Mills – daughter of Brother Kevin Mills

Congratulations to all the recipients!

Local 49 wants to thank everyone who took the time to apply for the scholarship and encourages all those who are eligible to apply next year.