On Tuesday, the Minnesota Department of Commerce released the findings of their Environmental Impact Statement which studied how any potential spill would affect Lake Superior. The Department of Commerce concluded that even in the event of “Worst Case Scenario Spill,” it is unlikely that any oil would reach the lake. The next step in the process of completing Line 3 is a public comment period, Local 49 will be filling a comment on behalf of our members.

There is also a public comment hearing during which members will be able to testify in support of the project. Members are strongly encouraged to attend the public hearing in Duluth on Thursday, December 19th, at the Radisson (505 W Superior St, Duluth, MN 55802 ) from 1-4 pm and again from 6-9 pm.

Political Organizer Kipp Hanson will be attending from 12-9 and will assist members in voicing their support for the project. Please contact him at khanson@local49.org if you plan to attend.


•            Modeling confirms that in the unlikely event of a spill on Line 3 in MN does not make it to Lake Superior, even if there was no response, mitigation or cleanup efforts for 24 hours.

•            Modeling shows that oil does not reach Spirit Lake/St. Louis Bay.

•            Enbridge pipelines are monitored remotely 24/7.

•            Enbridge personnel are on-call 24/7 for rapid response to any incident.  Enbridge trains with regional and local emergency responders and in case of an incident can draw on a large and ready contingent of trained contract personnel in the region.

•            Enbridge maintains its pipeline system to a high standard and last year transported more crude oil than ever before with the best safety record yet.

•            Pipelines are the safest way to transport oil. Replacing Line 3 with a new pipe made of thicker steel will protect Minnesota’s environment for generations to come.

•            Line 3 is the most studied pipeline project in Minnesota history. Line 3’s EIS is the most extensive ever for a pipeline project in state history.

•            For L3RP Enbridge has invested in leading technology, including remotely controlled sectionalized valves placed in optimized locations.

•            The environmentally-sound approach for this project is to start construction in the Spring of 2020 because the majority of environmental restoration can be attained due to the pipeline construction being conducted during the growing cycle.  Growing seasons will be minimally disrupted.

If you have any questions regarding the public comment hearings please contact Political Organizer Kipp Hanson at 612-391-7176.