Priorities for Minnesota’s 2023 legislative session

Minnesota’s 2023 legislative session kicked off earlier this month in St. Paul, and Local 49 is actively advocating for members, both in committee hearings and through one-on-one meetings with legislators and staff.

Our 2023 legislative priorities are straightforward: protect and enhance the jobs of our membership in terms of organizing, livable wages and safe working conditions, while advocating for projects and long-term investments in infrastructure that put us to work in the field.

Specifically, we will be lobbying for:

  • The state match for infrastructure funds so we can fully leverage federal dollars for highway, bridge and water projects.
  • Capital investments for roads and bridges.
  • Long-term investments and sustainable funding streams for transportation infrastructure.
  • Enhancements and expansion of prevailing wages to additional projects.
  • Investments in water infrastructure projects.
  • Opposition to any legislation that prohibits or slows the permitting process for infrastructure, energy or mining projects.

As is always the case, the current political landscape will provide both opportunities and challenges. Local 49 will be aggressive in our efforts to impact public policy in a manner that benefits our members. If you have any questions or concerns about legislation now or at any point in the legislative session, please contact or 651-329-2373.