Today is a historic moment and opportunity for the State of Minnesota. Governor Walz has put forward a budget that invests the money required to rebuild the crumbling infrastructure of our state. This effort will benefit businesses and local communities throughout Minnesota, as well as create thousands of good paying Union construction jobs for families in every corner of our state.

Raising the gasoline tax, tab fees, and motor vehicle sales tax are the only way to put new money into the system that is 100% guaranteed to be used to build infrastructure. The proposed increases are responsible, reasonable, and necessary if we are going to really and finally rebuild our state. We believe taxpayers are willing to pay more to ensure that they have safe roads to travel on, our bridges don’t collapse, and that our people can move around freely in our transit systems.

Governor Walz is leading on this issue. He has put forward an honest proposal, one that doesn’t pretend we can fix our infrastructure without spending money to do so. We stand behind him in this effort, and will be calling on Legislators from both Chambers to find a way to get this done.

Quote from Jason George, Business Manager, IUOE Local 49:

“I understand some of my friends on the Republican side of the aisle are going to have heartburn about this proposal. I challenge them to come to the table, talk to the Governor, and figure out a way to get something impactful done. The time for political talking points is over. This isn’t a time to play to political bases. Our infrastructure is crumbling, money and time is wasted in traffic gridlock, and thousands of construction careers are at stake – the time to do something about this is now.”


Click here to view the press release issued to the media.

Click here to view Governor Walz’s Transportation Infrastructure Plan.