Local 49 endorses Congressman Pete Stauber

Local 49 Business Manager Jason George, left, and Pete Stauber pictured at the Local 49 Training Center Wednesday, Aug. 10.

The International Union of Operating Engineers Local 49 today announced its endorsement of Congressman Pete Stauber for reelection in the 8th Congressional District.

Stauber, a Republican from Duluth, accepted the endorsement during a visit to the Local 49 Training Center in Hinckley.

“Congressman Pete Stauber has been a staunch ally to Local 49 on core issues that matter to our members,” Local 49 Business Manager Jason George said. “He’s among a growing number of Republicans we can count on when it comes to issues like the prevailing wage and so-called ‘right to work’ legislation. The 8th District needs a champion for mining, and there’s no better champion than Congressman Stauber. He understands the importance of domestic sources of copper, nickel and other minerals, and he’s a tireless advocate for mining those resources here at home. Local 49 proudly recommends Stauber to our members in the 8th District.”

Currently in his second term, Stauber said he is proud to have earned the endorsement of Local 49.

“In Congress, I am proud of my record fighting for workers and will continue advocating for mining our critical minerals right here in Minnesota so we can provide the hardworking Local 49ers with more job opportunities helping working families and boosting communities across the 8th Congressional District,” Stauber said. “It’s an honor to be endorsed by the renowned and well-respected Local 49ers and I look forward to continue fighting for them in the next Congress.”

Local 49 takes a bipartisan approach to politics, endorsing candidates from both sides of the aisle who support its members and their jobs.

Congressman Pete Stauber operates an excavator with guidance from Local 49 instructor Jeffery Tippelt at the Local 49 Training Center Wednesday, Aug. 10.