Local 49 announces 2022 scholarship winners

Local 49 received 47 completed scholarship applications this year from a diverse and competitive group of individuals.

Ten grants were awarded for $2,500 each, up from $1,000 in previous years. Local 49 is pleased to announce the following recipients:

  1. Kendra Jude, daughter of Brother Jim Jude.
  2. Brianna Weber, granddaughter of Retired Brother Eugene Mick.
  3. Alaina Kiehl, daughter of Brother Curtis Kiehl.
  4. Emma Mann, daughter of Brother Brian Mann.
  5. Brooklyn Bense, daughter of Brother Christopher Bense.
  6. Stephanie Swenson, spouse of Brother Michael Swenson.
  7. Samantha Schnick, daughter of Brother Scott Kasa.
  8. Lauren Brouwer, daughter of Brother Paul Brouwer.
  9. Morgan Margelofsky, daughter of Brother Eric Margelofsky.
  10. Justin Lindgren, son of Brother Bruce Lindgren.

The Scholarship Committee also chose two alternates:

Alternate #1:  Alese Ihrke, daughter of Brother Travis Ihrke.
Alternate #2:  Samantha Cielinski, daughter of Brother Charles Cielinski.

Congratulations to all of the recipients, and thank you to all of the applicants for your interest!