Life insurance open enrollment through Nov. 30

If you’re an active, dues-paying member of Local 49, you already receive $10,000 in free life insurance coverage and $2,500 in accidental death and dismemberment insurance through the Midwest Coalition of Labor. You may purchase additional life insurance, AD&D insurance and accident and critical illness insurance during the Midwest Coalition of Labor’s open enrollment period now through Nov. 30.

NO HASSLE! No matter what pre-existing conditions you have, or how serious they are, you can protect your family without having to answer a single question about your medical history.

BRAND-NEW BENEFITS! Members may purchase up to $350,000 in life and AD&D coverage, and members who purchase coverage while they are still active can carry that coverage into retirement and up to age 75! Still no questions, no exams, and at the low rates that are in effect now.

NOW AVAILABLE! Accident and critical illness insurance. These include a wellness program that actually pays you and your family to get regular health and dental screenings.

If you have questions about this program or need help enrolling, please call the MCL Insurance Hotline at 888-212-7822 or the Midwest Coalition of Labor at 800-433-2099

ENROLL TODAY! Visit or call 888-212-7822.