Fact Sheets Released Highlighting the Impact of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act Nationwide

The US Senate will be voting very soon on final passage of the largest infrastructure investment in U.S. history. Billions of dollars of new investment are at stake for our jurisdiction. If this legislation becomes law, 49ers would have work here at home for years to come. In these fact sheets you can see the money that will flow to our three states for the next five years by clicking on the links to each state below.

The fact sheets state that close to $5 billion will be dedicated for roads and bridges in Minnesota, and nearly $2 billion each for North Dakota and South Dakota roads and bridges. That doesn’t include investments in broadband, locks and dams, transit, and other public infrastructure that is included in this proposal.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to rebuild America, and create jobs for Operating Engineers across the nation. Right now is the time to make your voice heard. This proposal is supported by republicans and democrats, this isn’t about one party or the other. We have been talking about and working towards a politics where infrastructure investment is a non-partisan issue. Our work has paid off, that is exactly what is happening in Minnesota and now Washington. Both republicans and democrats are coming together to support infrastructure and our jobs. Right now is the time to act. Make a call, send an email.

The IUOE has made it easy – click here where you can find the number to call your Senator or email them with a couple clicks of a button. Local 49 has sent letters on behalf of all of us to every single Congressperson and Senator in our jurisdiction urging their support. Now it’s time they heard directly from you.

Fact Sheet Links