Enroll in short-term disability insurance by March 31


What would happen to your family if you were unable to work due to sickness or injury?

If you’re a non-retired member of Local 49, you can now buy affordable short-term disability insurance from MetLife through the Midwest Coalition of Labor. Receive $250 or $500 per week of tax-free income for up to six months in the event that you become sick or injured — on or off the job!

Open enrollment ends March 31.

These benefits are in addition to any other benefits you receive through the Local 49 Health and Welfare Fund, workers compensation and any other plans you have.

This benefit is available to you for $13.75 or $27.50 per month.

If you sign up during open enrollment, there are no medical questions asked, and you cannot be denied coverage.

Learn more and enroll at groupba.com or call 866-979-1422.