Business Manager Jason George issued the following statement regarding urgency of passing bonding bill this week during special session

“For months now construction workers, small and large businesses, material suppliers, architects, engineers, and local communities totaling hundreds of thousands of Minnesotan’s have watched our political leaders fail to pass an economic stimulus package. This week, we need elected leaders to rise above petty politics and do what is right for Minnesota. They must pass a package of bonding and tax proposals that will stimulate the Minnesota economy. There is a deal on bonding. The deal was reached with input from all bonding leads from all four legislative caucuses. It is a good bill, a fair bill, and one that is affordable. I am imploring my friends in the House Republican caucus to help pass it. The other 3 caucuses are there. There is only one holdout.


The outlook for next year’s construction season is uncertain. Minnesota’s economic future is uncertain. This is the one thing the legislature can do to help bring some certainty. They must do it this week. If it doesn’t get done, we must hold those that stood in the way accountable at the ballot box November 3rd.”


Jason George

Business Manager/Financial Secretary

IUOE Local 49