Why Join Local 49?

When you join our union, you become a part of a 14,000 member organization that has your back. Our collective strength ensures that you will enjoy industry leading wages, healthcare, retirement benefits, and job security that will allow you to live a good life. You will be a part of something special, and afforded opportunities to better yourself, your family, and your community.

Benefits to Local 49 Members

By becoming a member of Local 49, you also have access to our state of the art Training Center to learn new skills or sharpen existing ones. Ensuring that our members are trained to the highest industry standards is a top priority of Local 49, and contractors recognize that when they have Local 49 members on the job site, they know the job will be performed to the highest quality and safely. The Apprenticeship & Training Fund is governed by a Board of Trustees made up of both labor and management who oversee and manage the funds assets and set policies. Learn more about the Local 49 Training Center here. 

Health Insurance
The Operating Engineers Local 49 Health and Welfare Fund is one of the top multi-employer health plans in the nation and it is the largest multi-employer health plan in Minnesota covering more than 38,000 participants. The Operating Engineers Local 49 Health Fund is a nationwide health plan that offers participants a comprehensive medical, prescription, dental, and vision benefits. The Fund is governed by a Board of Trustees made up of both labor and management who design the plan and provide families with the tools, information, and programs participants need to take control of their health. The health fund has implemented several programs to help plan participants take control of their health such as a medical advocacy program, a family assistance program, and more. Learn more about the Operating Engineers Local 49 Health Plan here. 

Central Pension Fund
The Central Pension Fund is the second largest labor-management pension fund in the nation and it is a fully funded pension fund. By becoming a member of Local 49 you are not only set up for success in your career, but you are taken care of after your career by being able to retire and still maintain a quality life for you and your family. Learn more about the Central Pension Fund here.

Defined Contribution Plan
Think of the Local 49 Defined Contribution Plan as an additional retirement fund. Contributions made on your behalf by your employer go into a trust fund for investment purposes and are recorded in a separate account called your “Individual Account.” Participation in the plan begins the first day of the month following completion of 400 hours of service within a 24-month period. Your defined contribution is separate from any other pension benefits you may earn. Learn more about the Defined Contribution Plan here.


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