Dan Manick

Public Sector Business Agent

Dan Manick is the Public Sector Business Agent out of the Duluth office. He has been a Local 49 member since 1989, and spent the past 31 years as a Heavy Equipment Operator for Koochiching County Highway Department.

Dan Represents the Following Bargaining Units: 

Public Sector Groups

  • Aurora, City of
  • Balkan Township
  • Biwabik Township
  • Breitung Township
  • Big Falls, City of
  • Bigfork, City of
  • Carlton County
  • Cook County
  • Grand Rapids, City of
  • Hermantown, City of
  • Biwabik, City of
  • International Falls, City of
  • Orr, City of
  • Koochiching County
  • North Koochiching Area Sanitary District
  • Silver Bay, City of
  • Sandstone, City of
  • Taconite, City of
  • Thomson Township
  • Tower/Breitung Wastewater
  • White Township

Private Sector Group

  • Duluth Ready Mix