2021 Local 49 Scholarship Recipients

Recipients of a Scholarship award from Local 49 were announced at the General Membership Meeting on May 19, 2021. Ten grants of $1,000.00 each were awarded this year and Local 49 is pleased to announce the following winners: 

1. Riley Dreher – granddaughter of Retired Brother Steven Amsden 

2. Trapper Depew – son of Brother Troy Depew 

3. Grace Schildhauer – daughter of Brother Tor Schildhauer 

4. Hailee Aro – granddaughter of Brother Rick Luukkonen 

5. Ella Bahr – granddaughter of Retired Brother Warren Bahr 

6. Emily Holmquist – daughter of Brother Neil Holmquist 

7. Miranda Bade– daughter of Brother Tom Bade 

8. Bree Sheridan – daughter of Brother Tim Sheridan 

9. Melanie Pelarski – daughter of Brother Edwin Pelarski 

10. Shelby Domagala – daughter of Brother Jeff Domagala 

The two (2) Alternates chosen this year by the Committee were: 

Alternate #1: Joshua Creer-Oberstar – step-son of Brother Jonathan Bernard; and 

Alternate #2: Nicole Blagsvedt – daughter of Brother Terry Blagsvedt 


Congratulations to all of the above recipients! Click here to view how to apply for next year’s scholarship.