2020 Local 49 Scholarship Recipients


Recipients of a Scholarship award from Local 49 will be announced at the General Membership Meeting on June 17, 2020.  Ten grants of $1,000.00 each were awarded this year and Local 49 is pleased to announce the following winners:

  1. Gracie Bahr – granddaughter of Retired Brother Warren Bahr
  2. Levi Bast – son of Brother Steven Bast
  3. Meredith Bruening – daughter of Brother Adam Bruening
  4. Benjamin Groebner – son of Brother Richard Groebner
  5. Kelsey Hooker – daughter of Brother Bruce Hooker
  6. Brandon Koch – son of Brother Donald Koch
  7. Hattie Kragenbring– daughter of Brother Jeff Kragenbring
  8. Ciarra McNally – daughter of Brother Charles McNally
  9. Josephine Ramirez – daughter of Sister Tina Walski
  10. Jayden Thieschafer – daughter of Brother Joshua Thieschafer

The two (2) Alternates chosen this year by the Committee were:

Alternate #1:   Lindsey Espeseth – daughter of Brother Dan Espeseth; and

Alternate #2:   Cailyn Kuechle – daughter of Brother Jeremy Kuechle


Congratulations to all of the above recipients!