Line 3 Replacement Project Wages, Benefits and Information

Because of the language contained in the Line 3 project labor agreement, members working on this project will work under the previous National Pipeline contract terms and conditions, including per diem, truck pay and other arrangements. In addition, members working on Line 3 will receive the benefit contribution rates under the previous agreement except for a $.30 HRA Contribution to be deducted from the H&W allocation.

However, the pay raise  of 2% on wages will be in effect as of January 1st for all members working on the project.

It took some time to get agreement and clarification on interpretation of the language of the PLA and how that interacted with the new agreement. This is an International agreement and PLA, so we worked with them to address this issue. We didn’t want to post this information before we had this clarity. Thank you for your patience.

National Pipeline Agreement Rates Information

The National Pipeline Agreement rates apply  to members working on all other pipeline projects excluding the Line 3 replacement Project. The rates are retroactive to August 2020.

A copy of the entire National Pipeline Agreement is posted in the members only section of this website.

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