There are benefits to both the workers and the employers in organizing a local union.

Here are some of the benefits you will receive as a signatory contractor with IUOE Local 49:

The Union administers employee benefits

  • (CPF) Central Pension Fund it is the fourth largest pension fund in the country with no unfunded liability.
  • Nationally recognized health care, that covers a members entire family, and that is open to you as an employer.


390 acre training site, where employees can operate real equipment. Free to the membership.

  • Excavators, Dozers, Loaders and more
  • Sewer and Water installation training
  • Grades & Stake training along with Print Reading
  • CCO Certifications

Employees can earn OSHA Certification.

  • OSHA 10
  • OSHA 30
  • MSHA
  • Competent Person

The Health Care and Training programs are overseen by Board of Trustees made up of signatory employers and the Union.

When you become signatory with IUOE Local 49 you are gaining a partner in the construction industry. Not only are we partners with our signatory contractors but we are advocates for them as well. We work tirelessly to ensure that there are opportunities for them to put our members to work. If you were to join this elite group of employers we would do the same for you.

If you could see yourself becoming industry partners with IUOE Local 49 please fill out the questionnaire below, checking all the scopes of work performed, and an agent will contact you to set up a time and place to go over the various agreements we have.

The International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) has been supplying contractors with workers since around 1896. IUOE Local 49 has been doing the same since 1927.

Frequently Asked Questions by Employers

How can this benefit my organization?
We can help you increase productivity with a safe, skilled work force and decrease your administration costs for health insurance and retirement plans. We can help increase profits and savings on prevailing wage work through known labor costs, training, a stable workforce, and a hiring hall. We offer training and certification for OSHA, MSHA, Hazmat, CCO, and forklift requirements, as well as training to improve operator skills and productivity.

Are you going to tell me how to run my business?
NO! We want to partner with you by providing a skilled labor force for your multiple jobs of any size or location. You retain the right to determine the sizes of your crews.

How much will this cost?
There are no association fees or costly transition fees for administration of the health care or retirement plans. You only agree to pay wage and benefit rates. We know that costs have to be controlled, our members are invested in your success.

How can I compete by paying union wages?
You may actually be paying out more through more frequent employee turn-over, lower productivity, higher training and safety certification costs, and unnecessary administration costs. We are in the business of helping you make money, not increasing your costs.

How long do I have to be signatory, and can I get out if I don’t like it?
All contracts are renegotiated after a predetermined period of time.

Are you going to help me find work?
Yes, certainly – Local 49 will include your company on a list of union contractors and sub-contractors.

Do all my operators get paid the same?
No. Wages are determined both by region and by group classifications in the agreement.

How do your benefits work?
Set hourly rates for health and pension are paid to the fund administrators who disperse the fund. The health insurance plan is an 80/20, widely regarded as the best in the country (seriously, check with the AFL-CIO.) Local 49’s pension is a “Defined Benefit” plan.

Can I hire subcontractors?
Absolutely. We can provide your company with names of numerous contractors specializing in a wide range of work, which can help you remain competitive.

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