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There are benefits to both the workers and the employers in organizing a local union…

Labor Unions exist as a balancing force to give workers a say in the work place. Unions ensure workers are treated with the respect they deserve by making sure they receive fair wages, benefits and safe working conditions.   

Historically, when union membership has grown in the U.S., so has our economy. Workers earning fair compensation for their contribution have the money to buy cars, homes, and appliances, or to travel for vacations; it’s the spending of the middle class that drives demand for goods and services, which means their employers are not only enjoying profits but also likely to create jobs.

If you have questions about the benefit of union membership for both the workers and the employer, or organizing a local union at your place of work, check our FAQ that answers to the common questions about working with unions or feel free to contact the IUOE Local 49 Organizers directly.

Steve Piper can be reached by calling 612-380-7044 or by e-mail at

What Have Unions Ever Done For Us?

  • Maternity leave
  • Sick leave
  • 40-hour work week
  • Overtime pay
  • Child Labor laws
  • Health insurance coverage
  • Workplace safety laws
  • Military leave
  • Paid holidays