How “Right to Work” really works

How “Right to Work” really works

So-called “Right to Work” laws are promoted as job creating policies, and worker freedom initiatives.

We thought members should understand how this law works in the real world – we wanted to show you an example of what happens in states that implement “Right to Work”.

Example of how “Right to Work” really works:

A large contractor located in a “Right to Work” state such as North Dakota or South Dakota has 100 workers.

This contractor is signatory with Local 49.

50 employees are members of Local 49 and pay dues.

50 employees are not members of Local 49 and pay no dues at all.

Non-members get Local 49 negotiated wages and benefits

Non-members get full protection of rights and rules under the contract

Local 49 has to fully represent the non-members at no cost in all contract matters including grievances and legal representation

right to work means right to free union member benefits, including pension!Under the law, Local 49 can’t drop these non-members – we are forced to give them everything that a dues paying member gets

If Local 49 tries to deny services to non-members, we can be sued by the worker for non-representation – this has happened to other Unions that have tried

In retirement – all non-members get the full pension and the full retiree health care that dues paying members get

That means a worker can spend an entire career working at a Union shop, pay zero dues their entire career, and get the same pension and health care in retirement that dues paying members get

No other organization in America is forced to provide services and benefits to people that can legally pay nothing for those services and benefits

Right to Work is the government targeting Unions for destruction – it’s that simple

It is time to bring some fairness back into this system – Unions should be allowed to charge for the services that they are legally required to provide to workers that chose to work at a Union shop.

Unions and their members just want a fair deal