Officers of Local 49


Glen Johnson

As the Business Manager of Local 49 of the International Union of Operating Engineers, I am committed to making this local union the best we can be. I will work hard to improve our training program to meet the needs of the industry, organizing the non-union companies to improve our market share and negotiate better labor agreements.

I need to know what you need to make your life better. Your input and help is critical to the success of this union and we will only achieve great things if we all do something to help make it better.

IUOE Local 49 is made up of people who share the same issues, we want our families to have health care and retirement, good schools for our kids, live where we want and make enough money to enjoy our time off.

We accomplish this by collective bargaining, which means we refuse to work for less than the contract rate. We do this as a group which gives us collective power.

The phrase “United we stand divided we beg” is a reality. Attend your union meeting, be a part of your union. Make local 49 the best we can be.


Clayton Johnson

As President of Local 49, it is without a doubt, one of the greatest honors and privileges of my 28 years as a member of Local 49. I am looking forward to the challenges that are before us whether they are economic or political in nature. We as a Labor organization need to stay active on all fronts; it’s obvious one strongly affects the other. I will continue to take all concerns presented to Local 49 and give them the due diligence they deserve.

Local 49 was chartered in June of 1927. The contracts that all Local 49 members work under have taken literally decades to build. The terms and conditions we currently work under have not come easily, our Brothers and Sister before us, have fought hard to ensure the integrity of the contracts are maintained. History has shown that through the process of collective bargaining, each generation must continue to strive to make the terms and conditions better for each generation that follows. It is all of our responsibility to maintain the highest level of professionalism at all times. This is the task that WE as Union members are given.

Be proud to be a member of Organized Labor and a member of I.U.O.E. Local 49, I know that I am.


Tim Olson

Joining Local 49 in 1995 was a big milestone for me. Growing up in a Union household, I knew that being a member of Local 49 meant I would receive a fair wage, good healthcare, and a secure retirement. It’s those things, the big three, that motivate me to do all I can to ensure that everyone can enjoy the benefits that my family and I have.

I worked in the field operating heavy equipment on road, site development, and demolition projects before joining the staff of Local 49 in 2010 as Twin Cities Area Dispatcher. Since then, I have had the privilege of serving Local 49 in the role of Trustee Auditor and my current positions of Area Business Representative and Recording-Corresponding Secretary. I take these responsibilities very seriously and work hard everyday to improve our Union.

I am very proud to be a member of Local 49.


Eric O’Gary

As a longtime member of Local 49, I worked alongside several union brothers and sisters and received experience and training in all aspects of the industry, as well as training in labor law, contract negotiations and organizing. Since I became an Organizer for 49 in 2007 I have had great pleasure in meeting with and enrolling many people who were interested in joining our great Union. I look forward to meeting with and serving our membership for many years.

I was raised in a very strong Union household and take my position of Treasurer with great responsibility and pride. I will always work hard to do what is best for our members and their families.


Bruce Stahnke

As Vice President of Local 49, I would like to say it is an honor and privilege to serve the membership. Becoming a union member over 25 years ago has been the best professional decision I have made.

I spent the majority of my journeyman career primarily operating track excavator for pipeline, sewer and water contractors across the company.

In 2004, I transitioned to an Area Business Agent, stationed out of the St. Cloud Hall, where I continue to support members and contractors throughout Central Minnesota.

I am very passionate about combating right-to-work laws, having worked all across the country I have first-hand experience with the right to work environment. The reduction in wages and benefits has a definite negative impact on all working families. As usual the operating engineers and local 49 are leading fight to combat anti-labor laws and right to work legislation. I take great pride in being part of this fight  and I am committed to the overall prosperity of Local 49 and its members.