Terry Skelly » Crane Operator at U.S. Bank Stadium

Terry Skelly » Crane Operator at U.S. Bank Stadium

“I’m a die-hard Viking’s fan and I knew I had to be a part of it in any capacity,” said Terry Skelly, a 19-year Local 49 member. Skelly, who operated a 16000 and 2250 Manitowoc crane at the stadium, worked on the U.S. Bank Stadium construction projects for four months.

Skelly’s sole job was to install the seating precast into the stadium. Seating precasts are concrete risers for the seats to be installed on. They are poured off site and hauled in by trucks before being set in the stadium. “It’s like a big puzzle,” Skelly said.

Skelly finished up his time at the stadium in October 2015, and said that all in all “it was awesome to be a part of.” “I couldn’t have asked for a better group of (operating) engineers to work with”, he reflects. “The stadium project was well planned, well executed, and ran like clockwork.”

Skelly, is originally from Rochester, MN., but currently resides in southwest Florida during the winter months. He began his early career as a crane operator in the Navy for four years. Currently he is working for Mortenson on a wind turbine project in Iowa. “I just move in and out in the summer…wherever they send me,” he laughed.

While Skelly has traveled all over the region for work, being a part of the U.S. Bank Stadium construction has been memorable for him. “The stadium will be there for years to come, and I’m a part of it,” he said. “Being a part of the Vikings…it’s in my blood, and I bleed purple.”