Mike Kuklok

Mike Kuklok

Mike Kuklok, from Holdingford, MN, is a proud, veteran 49er that has been in the construction trade since 1989. Starting the day after his high school graduation, he has always found comfort in the shop and in the field working with heavy equipment.

Exposed to the fascinations of the construction world from his father at an early age, Mike spent lots of time in the shop during his teenage years. He and his father were able to connect over a passion for large equipment machinery and the satisfaction of fixing things. Mike also had the opportunity to meet and work with the very people who helped him secure a job immediately after graduation.

“I’ve always enjoyed operating things and using heavy equipment,” he said. “My dad taught me and I’ve learned a lot through being in the union. “My mentors have given me training, and now it’s my opportunity to give back to the industry.”

Mike is currently an instructor of operating heavy equipment with the 49ers. Prior to his current role, he was a heavy equipment instructor at Century Lake College for seven years. Yet he’s been a 49er ever since entering into the constructing industry. “We’re all family here,” Mike says. “The union has provided me and my family through the years since the time my three kids were born all the way through their growing years.”

When asked what his kids think about what he does, Mike says, “Well, my children know I’m an instructor. They’d say it’s pretty cool.” From father to son, Mike Kuklok is keeping construction a ‘cool’ industry to work in.