Kathy McCoy » Forklift Operator

Kathy McCoy » Forklift Operator

IMG_0081Kathy McCoy, a 19-year member of Local 49, worked on the U.S. Bank Stadium project for just under a year. She was eager to be a part of the U.S. Bank Stadium construction. “A year before it even started I was saying I was going to get on it,” McCoy said. “I’m a big Vikings fan, and I knew it was a big project that I wanted to be a part of.”

Her favorite project she worked on is one of the stadium’s most iconic features—the giant pivoting doors. While moving crane mats was her primary responsibility, she also worked on installing the iron framework around all of the five large doors located on the west side of the stadium. “Myself and a crane operator set all of the iron that went to those doors, and we were there till the very end until all the glass was in,” McCoy said. She also installed the framework on the smaller doors in the stadium.

McCoy was primarily tasked with moving crane mats all around the stadium to ensure the cranes operated smoothly. “Cranes have to be on mats at all times, whether they’re moving or not,” McCoy explained. Moving crane mats was an extremely physical part of the job. “One time we had an 18,000 ft. crane and we had to walk it from the west side of the stadium all the way to the south-east side of the stadium”—a task that took three and half days just to complete. “It took so long, because these mats are necessary at all times in order for the crane to be in motion.”

Stadium InteriorMcCoy also installed all of the iron that went inside the walkway of the mechanical room, which houses all of the Verizon Wi-Fi systems for the entire stadium. Installing the iron required her to be a little creative. “We took the mast and forks off of my forklift, and hooked up chokers to the boom itself,” McCoy said. “We basically just had a few inches to work with to install this iron where the computers were going to sit on.”

Currently, Kathy works for Danny’s Construction—the same contractor she worked for at the U.S. Bank Stadium, and lives with her husband Mike who is also an operating engineer. “Now that our kids our grown up we live in a fifth wheel and just go where the work is.”

McCoy said being a part of constructing the U.S. Bank Stadium was something she’ll never forget. “I’m very proud—so proud that I want to show my family what I’ve done.”