Local 49 member running for school board in district 196

Current Local 49 member Craig Angrimson is running for school board in district 196, which represents Rosemount, Apple Valley and Eagan. The election will be taking place on Tuesday, August 9th. Angrimson, who was also recently appointed to the Legislative Advisory Council for ISD 196, said his passion with the district started early when his daughter was attending school. “My daughter was an international adoption…it was a real struggle bringing her up to speed,” Angrimson said. “But because of the good teachers in our district she eventually became student of the year, and now she received a 3.9 (GPA) her first year at Mankato State University.” Angrimson said that him running for school board is his way of giving back to the district that gave him and his family so much. “It’s my duty…my daughter and family got such good things from the district,” Angrimson said. “I’m a good leader, good decision maker and I want to give back to my district.” Angrimson already has years of experience helping the district. He has been involved with many activities at Eastview High School in Apple Valley, including running security for their annual marching band festival, and was chair on the senior graduation night where more than 400 seniors attended. Currently Angrimson is a Business Unit Coordinator for the Metropolitan Council, and has had that position for ten years. He is also a member of the St. Paul Labor Federation, and previously was the president of IUOE Local 35. “I’ve been in some type of leadership role my whole life …people have always looked up to me for leadership and guidance,” he said. If elected, Angrimson said he has some definite goals he would like to accomplish throughout his potential three-year term. First and foremost is narrowing the achievement gap, which Angrimson said he has already started to reach out to minority groups within the community to listen to their needs and create solutions. “We currently do have some programs out there, but there are definitely more programs we can start and things we can do,” he said. Angrimson would also like to put in a program to entice high school students to receive a teaching degree from an area university or college with the hopes that those students would return to the district to teach. “I’d put in place some sort of outreach program with area and border colleges,” he said. “We would start small and then outreach more when this takes off.” Angrimson would also like to push back the start time at the high school, which he said is something the school board has talked about on and off for years. Currently, classes start at 7:25 a.m., Angrimson would like to make the start time 8:25 a.m., and is working on the research to back this decision. “We have kids that are inexperienced drivers, driving tired…it’s dangerous,” he said. Angrimson said that there are some bussing details that may affect elementary students that need to be worked out, but that the late start time has proven to be successful in eight other districts in the area. “If I’m voted in, I’ll spearhead this campaign and do more research to bring back to the board and (potentially) set up a panel,” Angrimson said. (more…)