Winners of the 2017 Local 49 Scholarship

Recipients of a Scholarship award from Local 49 will be announced at the General Membership Meeting on May 17, 2017. Ten grants of $1,000 each were awarded this year and Local 49 is pleased to announce the following winners for 2017:

  1. Brianna Adams – step-daughter of Brother Jason Freerksen
  2. Katherine Baker – daughter of Brother Wesley Baker
  3. Madeline Bump – daughter of Brother Thomas Bump
  4. Rachel Dahl – daughter of Brother Richard Dahl
  5. Dylan Driste – son of Brother Brian Driste
  6. Lauren Holzem – daughter of Brother Chris Holzem
  7. Sam Lindahl – son of Brother Kevin Lindahl
  8. Amanda O’Connell – daughter of Brother Mark O’Connell
  9. Melinda Rydberg – daughter of Brother Derek Rydberg
  10. Nolan Wickstrom – son of Brother Jerrie Wickstrom

The two (2) Alternates chosen this year by the Committee were:

Alternate #1:   Jordan Warner – daughter of Brother John Warner; and

Alternate #2:   Rebecca Theis – wife of Brother Donald Theis

Congratulations to all of the above recipients!

How to Apply for Local 49’s Scholarship Guidelines and Information

  1. DEADLINE: The deadline for all applications – must be received in Local 49’s Main Office by May 1st (each year).  *** Winners of the 2017 Scholarships will be announced shortly, and will receive notification from Local 49 directly.
  2. ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: A list of eligibility requirements is mailed with the Scholarship Application. A main requirement is that someone in the family is a member of Local 49 and they must be in good standing. In the event a member dies or takes a death benefit withdrawal during the current year in which applications are being considered, an applicant’s Scholarship packet will be given the same consideration as all others providing the member was in good standing at the time of death or at the time that the death benefit withdrawal was taken.
  3. WHO CAN APPLY? Anyone who meets the eligibility requirements above is encouraged to apply. Local 49 members can also apply for a scholarship for themselves, their spouses, or grandchildren (providing the grandchild is a dependent of the member). The son or daughter of a member includes if the member is a stepparent.
  4. WHEN TO APPLY Any time between SEPTEMBER 1st through MAY 1st. If the application and all necessary documents that are required to be included are NOT COMPLETE, the Scholarship Committee will not consider the application.


There are 3 ways to request an application for Local 49’s Scholarship. The request must be submitted in writing. This can be a one line or one paragraph request, but it has to be in writing. APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE SENT OUT IF REQUESTED OVER THE PHONE.

IMPORTANT: Please include an address where the application and information should be mailed using one of the three methods listed below. Because Local 49’s Scholarships are available only to our members and their dependents the materials are not offered online or sent via e-mail.

1. Send your written or typed request for the packet to the following address via mail:

I.U.O.E. Local No. 49
Attn: Scholarships
2829 Anthony Lane South
Minneapolis, MN 55418-3269

2. Fax your written or typed request to IUOE Local 49, Attn: Scholarships at (612) 788-1936

3. Submit your request via e-mail to:


In order for the application to be considered by the Scholarship Committee, requests for applications in any given year should be received no later than April 15th, after this date written requests can be submitted any time after September 1st of the current year in order to apply for next year’s grant. Applicant’s are encouraged to reapply if not chosen, and should indicate they are reapplying in their written request.