How to Apply for Local 49’s Scholarship Guidelines and Information

  1. DEADLINE: The deadline for all applications – must be received in Local 49’s Main Office postmarked by May 1st (each year).
  2. ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: A list of eligibility requirements is included with the Scholarship Application. A main requirement is that someone in the family is a member of Local 49 and they must be in good standing. In the event a member dies or takes a death benefit withdrawal, an applicant’s Scholarship packet will be given the same consideration as all others providing the member was in good standing at the time of death or at the time that the death benefit withdrawal was taken.
  3. WHO CAN APPLY? Anyone who meets the eligibility requirements above is encouraged to apply. Local 49 members can also apply for a scholarship for themselves, their spouses, or grandchildren. The son or daughter of a member includes if the member is a stepparent.
  4. WHEN TO APPLY Any time between SEPTEMBER 1st through MAY 1st. If the application and all necessary documents that are required to be included are NOT COMPLETE, the Scholarship Committee will not consider the application.


Before printing out the application, please view and print the two supporting documents as part of the scholarship packet below:

Requirements to Apply 

Letter to Applicants

Click here to print the scholarship application. 

The deadline for all applications – must be received in Local 49’s Main Office postmarked by May 1st (each year).

Please mail all applications to:

IUOE Local No. 49

Attn: Scholarships

2829 Anthony Lane South

Minneapolis, MN 55418-3269


Fax your application to IUOE Local 49, Attn: Scholarships at 612-788-1936

Any questions please contact:

2020 Local 49 Scholarship Recipients 


Recipients of a Scholarship award from Local 49 will be announced at the General Membership Meeting on June 17, 2020.  Ten grants of $1,000.00 each were awarded this year and Local 49 is pleased to announce the following winners:

  1. Gracie Bahr – granddaughter of Retired Brother Warren Bahr
  2. Levi Bast – son of Brother Steven Bast
  3. Meredith Bruening – daughter of Brother Adam Bruening
  4. Benjamin Groebner – son of Brother Richard Groebner
  5. Kelsey Hooker – daughter of Brother Bruce Hooker
  6. Brandon Koch – son of Brother Donald Koch
  7. Hattie Kragenbring– daughter of Brother Jeff Kragenbring
  8. Ciarra McNally – daughter of Brother Charles McNally
  9. Josephine Ramirez – daughter of Sister Tina Walski
  10. Jayden Thieschafer – daughter of Brother Joshua Thieschafer


The two (2) Alternates chosen this year by the Committee were:

Alternate #1:   Lindsey Espeseth – daughter of Brother Dan Espeseth; and

Alternate #2:   Cailyn Kuechle – daughter of Brother Jeremy Kuechle


Congratulations to all of the above recipients!