How do I find out about my health care benefits?

There’s a great page on our Health & Welfare website (health49.org) dedicated to helping you understand how to use your health and welfare benefits on your road to a healthier you.

What's the deal on training and apprenticeship?

We have a state of the art Training Center for all our members in Hinckley, MN, which is also the home of our Apprenticeship Program.

I've heard Local 49 supports an educational scholarship for family members...

Absolutely true. Check it out: How to Apply for Local 49’s Scholarship. In order for the application to be considered by the Scholarship Committee, requests for applications in any given year should be received no later than April 15th. In general scholarship funds are only awarded to the family of 49ers in good standing. Learn more…

I have questions about setting up a union where I work.

We’d be happy to help you get started. Here’s a link to contact our organizers.

Are you active online - say at Facebook?

Of course; Visit us at facebook.

And Local 49’s Training Center is there, too, if you have questions about our Training and/or Apprenticeship programs…

When and where are local meetings?

Who are the officers of Local 49?

A short introduction to the current Officers of IUOE Local 49

Where are you located, and how do I get in touch?

Our Main Office is in Minneapolis:

2829 Anthony Lane South, Minneapolis, MN 55418

(612) 788-9441

(800) 788-9441

If you need one of the offices outside the Twin Cities metro area, click for a listing of those office locations.

Office Locations

Requests for specific individual information on dues, membership, and benefits – including basic Health and Welfare information – can be handled by your nearest Local 49 office.

Any questions pertaining to Local 49’s Health and Welfare Self-Insured plan are handled by the plan “administrators” at Wilson-McShane @ 952-854-0795 or 1-800-535-6373.

To contact the Central Pension Fund, visit their website or call: (202) 362-1000.

For training related questions please contact the Local 49 Training Program at 320-384-7093.

If you want to register or re-register for the out-of-work list, please call one of the union halls directly so they may verify all your information is current and up-to-date.