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Local 49 Members Ratify Builders Contract Proposal

The Minnesota Builders contract proposal was ratified by vote of the membership of IUOE Local 49 on May 1, 2016. Read a statement from Business Manager Glen Johnson.

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2016 Scholarship Raffle winners announced

We look forward to a very busy construction season for 2016. The five year Federal funding allocations for transportation projects will bring over 10 billion dollars of work to our jurisdiction. Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota will benefit with matching State funds, after approval of respective legislatures, which in turn will fund infrastructure projects throughout the region. We anticipate these combined projects will bring thousands of hours of work to be done by our members. We will keep you updated on the progress of these funding initiatives.

The ballot initiative in South Dakota that would guarantee the rights of all organizations to collect fees for the services that they provide cleared a major milestone. The SD Secretary of State certified a ballot initiative submitted by one of our members, and it will be on the November ballot. 49ers should be extremely proud for leading this effort and standing up for our union, our benefits, and our families.

This year’s Local 49 Day at the Capitol is scheduled for Wednesday, March 23rd. Use this opportunity to meet with your local legislators to discuss issues relevant to our industry. RSVP is required for this event. Please check back here for additional information soon.

As the construction season draws near please look at using this time to update your certifications. Our Training Center website will guide you to class locations and times. Utilize this educational resource to upgrade your skills. The Training Center is hosting an open house event on April 7th and 8th. Please check their website for details on this event.

The metro area summer picnic is scheduled for Sunday, June 26th. We will be hosting the picnic at Hope Glen Farms in Cottage Grove, Minnesota. Check out their website for more information on fun things to do on the farm. More details on how to RSVP for the picnic, including the special incentive, are on the picnic page.

In Solidarity,

Glen D. Johnson
Business Manager

What is “Right To Work” (RTW)?

Right-to-Work isn't a Do you realize that a worker can spend an entire career working at a Union shop, pay zero dues their entire career because they’re in a so-called “right-to-work” state, and then get the same pension and health care in retirement that dues paying members get?

No other organization in America is forced to provide services and benefits to people who pay nothing for those services and benefits.

It is time to bring some fairness back into this system – Unions should be allowed to charge for the services that they are legally required to provide to workers that chose to work at a Union shop.

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