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Labor Unions Built The Middle Class

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13,000 Men and Women
in Minnesota, North Dakota
and South Dakota are Local 49



Local 49’s campaign to defeat anti-union agenda in our region:

Glen Johnson

A new Local 49 Homepage!

As you are probably aware, we have been putting some effort into refreshing and reinvigorating the way Local 49 presents ourselves to the world.  Part of that process was to update the Local 49 website. The goal of the homepage redesign was to update our look, and to make it easier for members to get the information you need from the union. The new, more modern website should be much easier for you to navigate and better represents who we are as a union.

This is just the first step in our broader efforts to help the public better understand who Local 49 is, what our members do, and why Unions like ours add value to our communities.

Attacks on Unions across the U.S. are on the rise in the Midwest region. Michigan, Indiana, and Wisconsin are all now Right to Work states. Prevailing wage was essentially eliminated in Indiana and Wisconsin. Efforts to impose right-to-work have continued in Missouri, Illinois, and Kentucky. Efforts to eliminate Prevailing Wage are underway now in Michigan and other states. The U.S. Supreme Court has taken a case that could eliminate the ability of any Public Sector Union to charge any fees for services to non-members.

We know that these attacks are going to come at us eventually. That is why we are preparing to fight with everything we have to stop these efforts, including a statewide campaign to educate the general public about our Union and how we operate. There are too many people telling too many lies about Unions in this country, and it is time we stood up and started getting our story out there.

This homepage refresh is just the beginning. It will be an ongoing process and we will be adding capabilities and content as we move forward. We are also creating a whole new campaign website that will allow members to easily get and pass along information to your social networks.

Please stay tuned to what is happening with your Union by stopping back to this site often, or better yet, sign up for our email list by clicking here.

If we stick together, and are willing to fight back – we can stop the anti-Union tidal wave, and start growing the American Labor movement again.

In Solidarity,

Glen D. Johnson
Business Manager

What is “Right To Work” (RTW)?

Right to Work is WrongIt doesn’t mean you are guaranteed a job, or provide any freedom in your workplace that you don’t already have.

Big corporations are pushing these laws to entice Union members to stop paying dues while forcing the Unions to continue to provide full services. The Union can’t survive doing this, and that is the point, they are using this law to try to put Unions out of business.

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